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About Therapy and Relationship Counseling

MARRIAGE AND RELATIONSHIP COUNSELING:  My marriage counseling and relationship counseling is based on a step-by-step method for reducing conflict, increasing mutual respect, trust and understanding, building strong, healthy communication skills and creating or restoring a deep emotional bond that secures and sustains relationships. Relationships can emerge from counseling with a stronger bond than ever before.

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY:  My focus is to help you reduce the emotional pain, stress, anxiety, depression and relationship conflict that you may be experiencing and to work with you to create a more confident, rewarding life based on a strong foundation.

Often the core individual therapy is warm, supportive Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Additionally, I incorporate other therapies to help reduce uncomfortable thoughts and feelings while building self-esteem, self-confidence and a strong sense of wellbeing. Most treatment plans include: reinforcing your strengths and improving self-esteem and self-confidence; improving interpersonal and couple relationship communication skills; developing positive motivation and encouraging competent and effective actions.


  • Understanding what has deep meaning to you, both the good and the painful parts, is important in our work together. It is also important for us to understand how you think and feel and what current situations and past experiences set off uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and less useful communication styles.
  • Using what we have learned, we then focus on reducing discomfort and increasing emotional well-being with specific therapy and counseling methods that emphasize building on your strengths and positive resources.
  • While therapy and relationship counseling results are often good, no therapy method can guarantee positive results for all clients. My intent is to find out from the client what's working and what's not and to make changes to better fit the therapy to the client. If no progress is made over several sessions, I will discuss appropriate referrals with you.

My belief is that people have greater positive resources within themselves that they ever thought possible.

My motto is: "Together, we can accomplish more than either of us alone."

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