Marriage Counseling In Dallas

As a practicing Dallas psychologist, I have patients come to me with a variety of needs. Sometimes it's stress from a recent job change. Sometimes it's confusion after moving into town. Sometimes it's a more defined clinical condition, like anxiety or depression. But very often it's because the client is concerned about their marriage.

In America today, almost 40% of marriages end in divorce. At that rate, you've almost certainly had a friend go through the agony of dissolving a union, or perhaps you've gone through it yourself. As a licensed psychologist, I provide marriage counseling in Dallas and the surrounding suburbs to help spare you that pain.

Additional Marriage Information:

Dallas Psychologist: Let Me Help You

I have over 25 years of experience working with couples and individuals. I can frequently start a customized treatment in the first session. Throughout my time practicing marriage counseling in Dallas, I've developed a step-by-step system that helps to open the channels of communication between husband and wife in a non-threatening way. Together, we identify each couple's challenges and then work together to set mutually agreeable goals for the relationship.

Throughout the therapy process, I check with you and your partner to see what is working well and identify areas that could be improved. Every patient is different. What works wonderfully for your closest friend may be absolutely wrong for you! As a therapist, my job is to give you and your partner the tools you need to strengthen your bond and have a healthy, happy relationship. We will work together to find out what steps are needed to get you there.

Working Toward Lasting Results

As part of my practice, I do my best to help you and your partner develop a healthy relationship that endures long after couples therapy ends. In my years as a Dallas psychologist, I have learned how to give my clients tools to unlock their own personal strength. My therapy methods have worked with a variety of Dallas residents from diverse backgrounds; I would like to help you find your own strength and have a successful relationship.

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