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Anxiety. The word covers conditions from generalized worry to specific panic and all the stages in between. Luckily, therapy offers anxiety sufferers a way to release their worries. By working with an experienced, licensed psychologist, most people with anxiety can tame their fears and return to living a happy and productive life.

However, when you suffer from anxiety, it can be difficult to reach out to find someone to help you. Any anxiety therapist in Park Cities is within reach at Dr. Goodman's Dallas office, but someone hamstrung with fear might not even be able to pick up the phone, let alone do the necessary work to find a psychologist who can really help. Luckily, Dr. Edward Goodman offers help to those seeking anxiety therapy in Richardson as well as anxiety therapy in Highland Park, through his Dallas location. Dr. Goodman has years of experience helping clients with anxiety, and can usually start treatment in the first session.

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Anxiety Therapy In Richardson, Beyond

Dr. Goodman's practice is a warm, caring environment that focuses on each individual patient's needs. He has successfully treated a wide range of patients from many backgrounds, helping each of them find their own personal road to success and happy life. He also has experience treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), two specific forms of more generalized anxiety. At the core of the anxiety therapy in Highland Park that Dr. Goodman provides is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a scientifically proven therapy technique widely respected in the field.

Anxiety Therapy In Highland Park

Like anxiety therapy in Richardson, therapy methods in Highland Park are constantly evolving. Dr. Goodman stays abreast of the latest techniques and incorporates them into his practice once their effectiveness is clear. As an anxiety therapist in Park Cities, Dr. Goodman uses his experience to build upon Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, adding techniques from a broad range of treatments to create a beneficial, custom program for the patient. Dr. Goodman remains focused on his client throughout, checking to see what is working and always looking for ways he can improve the treatment program.

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