Edward Goodman, Ph.D.: Marriage Counselor In Plano

You've seen it on TV shows and in movies, you've read about it in books: that beautiful, blissfully happy couple who never fights and is happy all year long. But TV shows, movies, and books are all fiction; in the real world, happiness is rarely so easy to come by.

That's where Dr. Ed Goodman can help. Counselors like Dr. Goodman offering relationship counseling in Dallas are trained professionals who bridge the gap between you and your significant other, enabling communication and working to help you create a strong, lasting relationship that improves with time. Dr. Goodman has many years of experience as a marriage counselor in Plano and a marriage counselor in Highland Park; he also works with individual clients, giving him a broad background of experience with different people and their different troubles.

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Dr. Goodman's Relationship Counseling In Dallas

Dr. Goodman has worked with many couples over his 25-plus years as a licensed psychologist. He has developed a structured, step-by-step counseling method for couples, which includes steps to reduce anger and set positive, mutually agreed goals for the relationship. In his work helping those seeking a psychologist and marriage counselor in Highland Park and surrounding communities, Dr. Goodman stays true to his belief that every person (and every couple) has resources within them that they would never have expected.

There is a wide variety of relationship counseling in Dallas; some is less "client centered" and some is more focused on the individual needs of clients. Dr. Goodman starts by learning about the individual problems each relationship faces. He then can facilitate positive communication and mutually satisfying behaviors.

Seeking Marriage Counselor In Highland Park?

Dr. Goodman is happy to take calls from clients, and offers the first phone consultation, to determine if his services are a good fit for the client, free of charge. Whether you're looking for a marriage counselor in Plano, Highland Park, or anywhere in the Dallas area, Dr. Goodman can help you; his nearby Dallas office is conveniently located to serve these communities. With Dr. Goodman's help, you and your significant other can take the steps you need to start building a lasting relationship that only gets better with time.

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