The 'Typical' Park Cities Counselor

All licensed psychologists have one thing in common: years of work at a graduate school to obtain a Ph.D. or Psy D. in psychology. However, the road from college to practicing psychology doesn't end after graduation. Every psychologist is then required to take a written exam and complete a minimum of one year (perhaps more, depending on where the psychologist was living at the time) of supervised work with another licensed psychologist.

Each Park Cities counselor comes from those years of supervised work with unique experiences. The location and type of work they complete can vary widely, even though they now all practice in the same place, advertising many of the same counseling services. A psychologist offering services as a marriage counselor in Addison, for instance, may have had postdoctoral educational experience in Florida and only later come to Texas. But more important than location is the variation in what work each psychologist has done. From child psychology to adult psychology and everything in between, the experiences are as varied as the psychologists themselves.

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Separate from psychologists, some states offer licensing for people who have received a Master's degree in a field such as marriage counseling. A person operating under such a license with a Master's degree, while possibly having the skills and training you require, is not a licensed psychologist. They may not have completed the Ph.D. or doctoral program required of a licensed psychologist.

Check with your prospective counselor before you make an appointment - your chosen Park Cities counselor may be licensed as a marriage counselor or as a psychologist. Their skills and experience can be different. A marriage counselor in Addison who holds a Master's degree may suit your needs as well as a Psychologist with a doctoral degree. What really matters is whether the skills, interests and experience of the individual counselor fits well with the needs that you and your partner have. An initial telephone interview to determine how well the counselor meets your needs would probably be a good investment of your time. Dr. Goodman does not charge for an initial telephone consultation to determine whether his services would be a good fit for you.

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