Finding Depression Therapy In Park Cities

Regardless of whether or not you've been previously treated for depression, you've almost certainly known someone who has received such treatment. Depression affects as many as 18 million Americans a year, many of whom go untreated. Some fear that their treatment, whether it comes from a Dallas psychologist or a psychologist elsewhere in the country, will be less effective than they had hoped. Some have just lost hope after years of unhappiness.

But with the advances available for those seeking depression therapy in Park Cities, there is reason for hope. Every year new treatment methods become available, giving Dallas psychologists better tools to use. One such tool is Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Cognitive Behavior Therapy, or CBT, considers thoughts, responses, and core values with the aim of influencing and changing problematic behaviors. It is one of the most widely respected therapies, known for its effectiveness and for its warmth.

Dr. Edward D. Goodman, Dallas Psychologist

Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a cornerstone of my work with almost every client. I believe that every patient has more strength within him or herself that he or she would never imagine. My work is dedicated to helping each person I work with find and use his or her individual, positive resources.

As an experienced Dallas psychologist, I have a wide range of expertise which I can call upon when I create treatment plans. Maintaining a focus on my client's individual needs, I draw upon the other treatments that go beyond Cognitive Behavior Therapy to create an effective, comprehensive program. Because of my experience treating those who seek depression therapy in Park Cities and other who need an anxiety therapist in Park Cities, I am often able to develop the comprehensive program and begin treatment during the first session.

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Couples Counseling & Other Services

In addition to my services for individual clients, I also offer couples and marriage counseling in the Park Cities area. I believe that understanding both clients and facilitating communication between them is vital. Building upon that foundation, I help my clients resolve conflicts and work to build a strong relationship that will last outside my office and will improve with time.

I can also provide relief from some of life's less diagnosed ailments. Whether you're stressed, nervous, going through a painful divorce, or simply feel that you need my help, I encourage you to contact me at (214)-535-8847. Your initial telephone consultation, to determine whether my services will fit well for you, will be free, and after that a sliding payment scale may be available. I will also happily provide statements that can be filed for out-of-provider-network benefits.

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